Monday, September 22, 2014

Coloring Book

Magical hand-colored photographs by Shae De Tar

Past Few Months

So these past 2 months have been eventful ones for me! First my sister got married in a beautiful ceremony, than I turned a whopping 25-years-old, went on a lovely vacation to the Blue Ridge Mountains and started back at school (for my 100th senior year). Here are some snapshots I toke along the way...

The little things

A creamsicle inspired mani/pedi

In the Pisgah National Forest on my 25th.

Sweet Lola dreaming of mice.

Asheville street art.

A night of local music and short films in good ole' St. Aug

Mixed Berry birthday pie made by my sister:)

And lastly-a few shots from Katie and Mikes wedding! It was flawless.


Really amazing news! -Emma Watson launched her HeForShe campaign this week calling on all men to take action and stand with woman in the fight for gender equality. She even gave a powerful speech to the UN! What a necessary step for womankind to get men on board with feminism, because after all, everyone and anyone should be a feminist if they care for the well-being of women. Go to the link above and join in the commitment!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Around the Web #22

Mark Bustos gives free haircuts to the homeless of New York City every Sunday.

Writer creates a "color thesaurus", so you can properly identify any shade of any color!

This funny dude recreates women's profile pictures off the dating site Tinder. See more here, and here(There are some great ones).

WolfEyeBrows (creator of this blog) did a 29-day series making charming little drawings that coincide with natural health remedies. (The one below is Echinacea for colds). See them all here

And-this series of photographs titled "escape" shows the lives and living quarters of various individuals who have chosen to forgo life in mainstream society to live alone in the woods.

Its been awhile since I posted one of these, so remember to click on everything italicized in red!