Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A Lifetime of Dick Pics

I have blogged about Whitney Bell before, but she is taking her feminist craft to a whole 'nother level with her pop-up installation of unsolicited dick pics. Yes, you read that right. Whitney asked women to submit some of the unsolicited penis pics they have received (and threw in some of her own dick pic gifts) from men via social media and texts. She then framed these acts of sexual harassment and displayed them in an art installation for the world to view.
I think she is a genius. Go Whitney, Go! 
See more from I Didn't Ask For This:A Lifetime of Dick Pics, here.

Snow! Blow! Coke!

Real ads from the late 1970's advertising cocaine paraphernalia! Oh, how the times have changed.
See and learn more about 1970s cocaine culture, here.

72h Cabin

"The name, 72h Cabin, which refers to the amount of time five people who participated in the study that Karolinska Institutet conducted about stress, stayed in them. All participants reduced their stress levels drastically." -ArchDaily

Friday, October 13, 2017

Whats For Breakfast

See more adorable & skillful toast art by Japanese badass Eiko Mori, here.

Around The Web #58

By: Hillary Clinton
(Mom, this is what I have been asking you to read. Read it!)

Due to the repulsive Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, the issue of sexual harassment is on the forefront of many peoples minds. And all I can say is- it's about damn time
We cannot stand for this type of behavior from men anymore.
Read this deeply relatable & powerful personal essay on sexual harassment, here.

"2 Montreal-based female artist/photographers on a mission to collect 1001 beautiful bums"

"Stranger Things" Season-2 official trailer is out! 
Watch it here!

And-I am sure gonna miss this guy being on Jeopardy every night.

The Florida Project

I cannot wait to see this!!