Saturday, February 25, 2017

Small Apartment Tour

A charming 325 sq-ft apartment in The West Village-which is about the size of the apartment I live in now! See the full house tour via Apartment Therapy

The Secret World Of Foley

  1. relating to or concerned with the addition of recorded sound effects after the shooting of a film

You must watch this 13 minute short film! You must!

Around The Web #52

10 Sundance Films you need to see. Yes please!

Women being spanked in vintage comics...weird.

Missoni models rock the now iconic "Pussy Hat's" at latest runway show. 
See more here.

I absolutely love how these interviews are conducted- model, artist & feminist Myla Dalbesio's interview is here.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

If Animals Could Talk

These comics via They Can Talk are super silly, but they make me laugh.

Bookshelf Lovin

I finally set up a new bookshelf in my teeny-tiny room, and the simple addition of height and visual interest has made the space feel 100x more welcoming & spacious.
This is the bookshelf I selected, it was 50% off at Target at the time & really good quality wood. Using some of my Pinterest board images as inspiration, I decorating the shelves with books (duh), plants, artwork, and a few Knick-Knacks. It turned out really nice and now my bedroom is my favorite place to hang out in my 300 sq ft apartment :)
A shot of my bookshelf below....The quality always looks so shitty when compared to the professionally taken photographs, but what can ya do?

Martha, Looking, Love

All series created by London-based photography Sian Davey.

Entitled "Martha"
Summertime on the cusp of adulthood

Entitled "First Love"
Capturing young romance

Entitled "Looking For Alice"
A sweet little girl living with Down Syndrome