Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer So Far

First off, my heart fucking broke when I learned about the shooting at LGBT nightclub, Pulse. However, I was so proud to see this sign posted in the middle of an ultra-conservative town in FL.
We have a long way to go, but I am holding out hope that a day will come when people choose kindness over all else.

Okay, with that being said... I figured since people photograph everything they do now a days, I might as well take a picture of myself at the gynecologist:). My aim is to encourage women to share their personal and "taboo" female experiences without shame! (By the way, the word taboo's origins come from a word that means menstruation. Point made.)

Most of summer (so far) has been occupied with babysitting, half of which takes place at the pool and/or beach with little pool demon girls, such as the one below ;).
...and much to my excitement, the kids got a new little kitten named Arthur, and he is sweet as can be!

Mom and I made a trip to visit my Grandmother in Virginia for Mothers Days, making a pit stop in Charleston, South Carolina (Aka-the best city in the south). I absolutely love Charleston and really hope to live there one day soon.
I mean, just look...

While we were in Virginia, my grandmother also turned 93 (!) on Mothers Day.
It was a really special trip that I will remember forever.

 Also, Eva turned one-years-old!! Her mom threw an adorable little party for her, that included Eva double fisting vegan cake.

Lola also enjoyed the party...namely when all the guest left & it was just her and a pile of tissue paper streamers.

My high school bestie got married.
She had one of the most well done, fun & beautiful weddings I've ever attended.

I love summer in Florida, and this photograph I took in St. Augustine really embodies the beauty of the deep south during this season...even the stifling heat has its charm.

How To Talk To Little Girls

Many of us when in the presence of little girls automatically comment on how cute or pretty she looks (guilty!) instead of concentrating on other, more valuable topics. 

...here are some different conversation starters to utilize when communicating with young girls, helping them to learn that how they look isn't the most important thing about them.
Such sweet illustrations that carry a very important message. 
Via BuzzFeed.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Up All Night

I have always been drawn to neglected, decrepit and/or abandoned buildings...especially when they are juxtaposed against modern, urban development. 
Photographer Patrick Joust does a brilliant job of capturing the raw humanity and often eerie effect  of these solitary buildings that are in stark contrast against their surrounding environment. These images conjure up so many feelings for me (often intangible)...I'd love to know more about the lives that occupy these seemingly isolated and forgotten spaces.
Click on the link in red to explore more of Patricks work!
Or here, for a dozen more images of the series featured below.