Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Three Artists No.41

1.) Miki Lowe has many techniques and approaches to her art, & each one is as good as the last!
2.) Tammy Kanat makes some of them most unique and stunning fiber art I have ever seen.

3.) Annie Kevans paints portraits of some of the most controversial & important figures in modern history, while somehow making even Andy Warhol in drag look lovely.

The Most Amazing Renovation

You must click here, to see all the before & after pictures!
In my opinion, this house could not have been done any better. Not one single thing.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Cant Miss AirBnb Rentals In Jacksonville

So-somehow I went down a worm-hole looking at AirBnb homes available in Jacksonville, FL. And let me tell you what, there are some real gems in this city, & I felt compelled to share them all with you! So if you ever find yourself needing a couple nights away, book one of these 3 places for your mini get-away!

1.) This adorable Riverside cottage goes for only $69 a night! 
The interior design is spot on-not to mention how magical the little stairs leading into the bedroom and kitchenette are! It is all just so f*cking charming! Book it here.

2.) This next one is really all about the outdoor space. That pool and patio are perfection. The owners call this back-house the "Gardner's Cottage" & I can see why, because I am totally picking up those Tasha Tudor vibes they are laying down. Book it for only $73 a night, here!

3.) Similar to the first house, this homes interior-design really sells it. The whole space looks comfy, clean, cozy & chic, while also happening to be right in the heart of Avondale!
 Stay here a night for only $75 a night, here.
I hope a get a free stay in one of these spots for all the free advertismentšŸ˜‰