Saturday, January 24, 2015

Shack Up Inn

This is real. It is in Mississippi. There are tons of shacks to choose from. You book a literal shack for cheap and feel like you are Bo Diddley for a few nights. More information here.

All photos via BleuBird

Rosa's Pizza

Mason Wartman quit his Wall Street job to open a pizza shop in Philadelphia that does more than serve delicious cheesy bread. Each slice is only a dollar-and Wartman encourages all his patrons to "pay it forward" by giving another dollar so a homeless person can eat for free...

This system is kept in order via sticky notes on the "pay it forward" wall. If a person cannot offered their meal, they simply take a post it from the wall and get a slice of pizza for free.
Rosa's serves around 40 homeless people a day.

And gets cool love letters like this regularly. 

What an awesome business.

Neutral Nurseries

My sister is wanting to keep majority of her baby purchases gender neutral-so she can reuse them regardless of her next babies sex. I support this decision for many reasons-so heres some nursery inspiration for you, Katie!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Oral Care

Everyone must read this article on how to care for your teeth...what you are doing is wrong (probably). I am going to go floss right now.

The Coveteur

As if we don't have enough outlets that allow us to envy our peers-I have just discovered The Coveteur, a website devoted to exploring the homes and closets of women we envy the most. Enjoy.

To start you off, The incomparable Tavi Gevinson-