Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Around The Web #20

I can't believe this is number 20! Well here to goes….

Brilliant packaging idea for honey created by Made By Bees. They stack like honey combs... and come with a dispenser attached to the lid! Check out more here.

How Wrong Are you? is a website that asks provocative and interesting questions, giving you multiple choice answers to see if you can guess/know the right answer than shows your response in comparison to everyone else (including the correct answer). Its a bit addicting, especially if you always need to be right like me.

A really bizarre WikiHow on "How to Stop a Wedding".

Did you see Sam Smith on SNL a couple weeks ago? His musical performances gave my goosebumps.

And on a very different note, check out Porn for the Whole Family…its for families cause its flowery…
I guess.

And-Lastly, lets turn another sharp curve. A mother and her daughter were born with the very same birth mark, in the very same spot…how amazing is that!?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Loved the honey glass bottle design and LOVED Sam Smith ! Both are very sophisticated Ms. Michelle. I am holding off on Whats Wrong with This? quiz as I may also get consumed and its nearing midnight.