Sunday, November 16, 2014

Serial Obsession

There is a weekly podcast that I have become addicted to. The name of this podcast is Serial...and you should click on the red link immediately. 

Serial tells the story of a 90's, Baltimore high-school, murder case that convicted Aydnan Syad of strangling his ex girlfriend, Hae Lee, to death. But there are many holes in the prosecutions case. The story is told one episode at a time, week by week. Do yourself the biggest favor and go listen to episode one NOW. Trust me on this one.
By the way-since its first airing on Oct.3, Serial has been the number one downloaded podcast, with a million listeners per episode!

Created and Narrated by 'This American Life' producer Sarah Koenig.

Below: Aydnan Syad and Aydnan sitting in front of Hae Lee.

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