Monday, December 15, 2014

Happy Reading

The one thing I have look forward to the most about winter breaks is being able to read (some) of the books I having been wanting to read-tell-tale sign your a book worm.

I am reading Murakami's newest book and am enjoying it (although not as much as his others)-but have a whole list on the back burner that I can't wait to start reading!
So after Colorless Tsukuru is done...

Margaret Atwood's-The HandMaids Tale
This feminist classic has been lurking around my reading lists for 10+ years now. 

Hurbert Selby Jr. -Requiem for a Dream
Going from The Handmaids Tale to an equally dark & disturbing book should be an easy transition. I first saw the movie  (which bares the same name & is directed by the Darren Aronofskywhen I was 16 and it blew my mind. I still consider Requiem for a Dream one of my all time favorite movies, and   I hope this book will be equally as intense.

Rebecca Skloot's-The Immortal Life of Henrietti Lacks
This book was recommend to my by my biology professor a few years back, and I think it is going to be great. Plus all the science, always up for science.

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