Saturday, August 1, 2015

Nursery Inspiration

My sister and sweet-sweet niece are officially moving away on Monday:(. I am going to miss them SOOO much, but am also looking forward to visiting them in a new exciting city!
My new little niece is going to need a new little nursery that is also mommy friendly. So this post is dedicated to my sister in hopes of helping her find some nursery ideas & inspiration!

-First idea, hang a statement light in center of the room or above the crib. It looks beautiful and baby will love staring at it. Check out some beautiful chandler options here and here.

-Place a wicker basket to display stuffed animals functional. You can go with a plain wicker option like this one here or a cute patterned one here!

-Cluster a pretty mirror alongside pastel and/or monochromatic artwork. Tons of great mirror options here and the best website for purchasing great affordable art here.

-Purchase a big vibrant rug for the center of the room. Some perfect nursery rugs available here!

-Paint any ole' dresser in a bright color and add new hardware. Perusing around any second-hand store or searching your local craigslist will do.

-Make super cute wall art by framing pictures of baby animals (via The Animal Print Shop).
Or get baby pictures of everyone in babies life (i.e. grandparents, aunt/uncle, mom & dad) and frame those!

-A sweet little hanging mobile is a must. I am going to make this one for Eva with some scrap fabric I have lying around. Or you can let someone else make one...Etsy is full of awesome options here!

(a wide shot of the same nursery because it's so perfect . This nursery is my personal favorite.)

-Create a feature wall using wallpaper, stencils, or tape. Here is a super cute company that solely sells wallpaper-including removable wallpaper tiles!

-Lay a faux sheep skin rug on the floor so your pet can feel at home while your spending time with baby. Get one here.

-Find a cute kid oriented vintage piece of art. Tons to scour through here.
I hope this helps make the transition a little but easier Katie & Evie. I love you both very much! XOXO

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