Wednesday, September 9, 2015

10 Best Feminist Films On Netflix

This past weekend my eyes were opened to the fact that many people (who are otherwise aware and empathetic) do not consider themselves feminists, and in fact, do not consider women's rights to be an issue at all! In reaction, I have compiled this list of films in the hope that peoples eyes and hearts will open enough to consider feminism an issue worth fighting for. 

1.) Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer    <---All titles are links to trailers!
Follow a group of Russian activists that made global headlines by going to prison for performing in a church!

More girls are killed in India and China each year, than are born in the US. 

Follow a group of inspiring Ukrainian women who fight for democracy world wide.

 Kathleen Hanna was every feminist girls teenage idol as the lead singer of Bikini Kill.

5.) Frida
One of the most powerful, courageous, and inspiring women who has ever walked the face of the earth. 

From plastic surgery, to the billion-dollar make up industry, to deadly eating disorders-Our society profits on women's insecurity.

7.) 9 to 5
A lighthearted, funny movie that every woman whose worked can relate to.

Produced by Rashida Jones, this film gives you a glimpse into the amateur porn industry (warning-very graphic) and the women it exploits.

Millions of women world-wide do not get the care they need during and after pregnancy, which all to often makes bringing life into the world a death sentence.

Okay, so I think this one might technically be on Showtime-but it is such a candid look at the lives of female comedians and the discrimination they face (plus its super funny!) that I couldn't leave it out.
REMEMBER: All titles are links which will lead you to trailers and further information on the films!
Please watch as many of these films as you can and continue your own education on women's issues.

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