Monday, October 26, 2015

Around The Web #35

This book made me laugh out loud-Order for 7$, here.
"The Eiffel Tower all lit up? Nah. That first cup of coffee on a lazy Sunday morning? Not really. A good beer, a gut-busting sandwich, and an afternoon nap? Closer, but still not there. This is how we imagine Clint Thrust going about creating Book of Things Better Than Boobs. And after all that hard work, strenuous thought, and dedication to a project, he came up with, well, nothing. That’s right, Book of Things Better Than Boobs is blank. It’s 142 pages of nada"-Via Cool Material 

Joanna Goddard wrote a really interesting article on the effects of a stressful commute versus a calm commute, and your overall mental health (plus, view some interesting photos of how people commute all over the world, here).
Patti Smith recently released her second book M Train, and just announced she is currently writing another book for young women. YAY! Read more about it, here. (Also, I cant wait to get my hands on Carrie Brownstein's autobiography "Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl")

Wendy Tsao transforms brat dolls, by removing all their makeup & changing their clothing and hair, to create these "real-life inspiring women" dolls. You can even order them on eBay, so your little girl or boy can grow up playing with real-life female heros!

And this (faux) book cover made me crack up...I wish it was real.
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