Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, for the sole fact that I love dressing up. If it was up to me, I'd dress up regularly, but wearing costumes for no apparent reason is frowned upon. Some of this years costume ideas include...

1.) A Valley of the Dolls girl- this 1960s novel (turned movie) stars aspiring actresses and models who are trying to make a living in Los Angeles, California. Tragedy strikes when one of the girls gets addicted to pills, while the others struggle to deal with infidelity and rejection.
Costume would consist of 60s lounge wear, big hair, elaborate drop earrings, blue winged eyeliner.

 2.) Kate Bush is an obscure artist, but her music video to the brilliant song Wuthering Heights is so incredible, that it would be worth dressing up like her just to see who would recognize your costume. Anyone who does is an instant bad-ass. (it was surprisingly hard to find stills from this video, so sorry for the graininess).
Red dress, red tights, red flower to pin in your hair, red ribbon as a chocker. Plus a black belt and black high-heeled Mary Jane shoes.

Holly Golighly from Breakfast at Tiffany's... 
....in the morning scene, where she's wearing a mens dress shirt and blue sleep mask.

80's prom couple. Super easy, as there are tons of old formal 80's dresses at almost every thrift store. I would add mascara streaming down my checks so it looked like I was a sad teen who didn't win prom queen.

Margot Tenenbaum from The Royal Tenenbaum's. 

Fur jacket, heavy eyeliner, striped dress and a red hair clip.

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