Thursday, December 3, 2015

Around the Web #37

Elles #MoreWomen campaign shows what the political arena would look like if men were out of the picture, literally and figuratively.

I need to find a place to rock this holiday makeup tutorial.

The Land of Nod has the most beautifully designed toys and house decor but this geodesic playhouse (129-229$) takes the cake on design, functionality & fun. If I were still a child, I would be having sleepovers in this bad boy nightly!

 While you are waiting for your bus or train, Short Edition prints out 1-5 min long short stories for your reading pleasure! How genius.

My mom asked me to find a recipe to use up the radishes she impulsively bought, and this fried egg & avocado quesadilla recipe is the winner. YUM.

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