Tuesday, January 12, 2016

How To Make A Crush

*Warning* Some of the links are spoilers!
If you have not watched, or are not currently watching Netflix's breakout real-crime series How To Make A Murderer, you are blowing it...for real. The 10 part series is similar in format to the all time most popular podcast Serial , but 10x more addictive! In drug analogy, How To Make A Murderer is like black tar heroin to Serials more marijuana like effect. 
But this is all besides the point, because what I really want to talk about here is my new crush, Steven Avery's lovable Lawyer, Dean Strang. There is even a tumblr entitled StrangCore dedicated to Strang's crush-worthiness. Once you watch the full series (which you must) you will understand where my deep, deep love for this man comes from!
Photos via Strangcore
Plus-A great article on the show here.

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