Friday, January 1, 2016

Saying Goodbye to 2015

Year 2015 has had its highs and lows...just live other every year, I suppose. Sometimes it is easy to forget all that one has accomplished in a year, so I am compiling this post in the hopes of remembering all of the good that has come my way. To a peaceful and productive 2016!....Fingers crossed.

Probably most exciting for me professionally, was graduating from Flagler College with a Bachelors in Psychology (better late than never). My 8+ month pregnant sister was at that graduation, only to deliver her perfect baby 3 weeks later! Being my sisters doula and becoming an aunt were by far the best events of 2015!

I did a bit of traveling...Charleston, Key West and most excitingly, Oregon...where I got to visit with childhood friends I hadn't seen in 14 years!

I  strongly embraced my identify as a feminist by reading lots of feminist literature and making feminism inspired art (including collages & paper mache boobies:). I feel I have grown a lot as a woman this year.

And as always, I had the love of my family surrounding and supporting me through it. All else matters very little compared to this. My mother and I were lucky enough to spend the last night of 2015 together, just the two of us.

Now for 2016!

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