Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Mr. Kate

So, I recently discovered DIY extraordinaire, interior decorator, jewelry designer, fashionista, blogger, author, and all around adorable human being...also known as Mr. Kate. She has a great website that gives step-by-step tutorials on all her DIY's, like the ones featured below!

I plan on trying/making all of these at some point:)

Mr. Kate also has a youtube channel that features her and her husband decorating the house they recently bought together (among other interior design projects). Check it out here, its kind've addictive watching how adorable & goofy they are together.

And if that weren't enough, Mr. Kate wrote a book called A Hot Glue Gun Mess, that you already know I will be buying. 
I would hate her if she wasn't so damn likable.
Click on the links in red! Do it.

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