Friday, April 15, 2016

Allowing Women To Age

A great conversation between a women and a cosmetic salesmen.

Salesman: Your skin is so natural looking, you aren’t wearing any make up, right?
Robinson: Um, no?
Salesman: Let me guess your age.
Proceeds to pull out a number 12 years younger than I am.
Robinson: I look my age and that’s OK actually.
Salesman: Let me show you our face serum, because if you aren’t careful to maintain your skin now, these wrinkles on your face will get much deeper, by 45, creams won’t help anymore.
Robinson: What’s wrong with a woman looking 40?
Salesman: Well, let’s talk about the bags under your eyes, and smile lines, my eye cream could improve those in 15 minutes.
Robinson: What’s wrong with my eyes? I have a miracle baby at home and haven’t slept in 2 years, so if I have bags I am grateful to have them, and my husband and I laugh a lot. Those are his fault. He loves how I look. I don’t think I need your cream.
Salesman: They may be manageable now, but by 50, it’s too late to correct sagging skin and deep wrinkles, unless you act now, only surgery can correct those.
Robinson: What’s wrong again with a woman aging? You know, my husband and I can’t wait to grow old together, we talk about it all the time, how we’ll be this funny wrinkled old couple. My husband is going to age too, we all are. It’s kind of how life works.

(Read the rest of the article, here.)

But the problem is, women are bombarded by messages that aging is not acceptable all the time, not just at the mall. Commercials, magazine, and billboards are just a few sources convincing women that they are not good enough in their natural state. Just for fun, the next time you're watching TV, count the commercials selling items to women to "rid of those fine lines and wrinkles", "cover their grays", or "modify their shape" through bras/spanks, to appear "skinner, curvier, or more youthful" (not to mention makeup or cosmetic surgery advertisements!). 

What I took away from reading this interaction between a salesman and a middle aged lady, is that we CAN empower ourselves to accept the aging process as women, regardless of if we are 25 or 65, because if women learned to love themselves fully, thousands of industries would be out of business overnight.

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