Thursday, May 12, 2016

States of Undress

States of Undress is just one of the many amazing series that has come from the new TV channel Viceland. Tonight Viceland aired the season finale of States of Undress by sending host Hailey Gates to China to explore the cultural norms of dress and fashion amongst Chinese women.
This 6 part documentary series covers various countries including Palestine, Russia, Pakistan, Venezuela, Congo, and China (see all episodes here.) Yet, unfortunately (but not surprisingly), the theme of these episodes is often about the conflict women face in relation to what clothing they desire to wear vs. what is deemed culturally acceptable.
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Hailey In Pakistan
 Hailey in Venezuela 
Hailey in Russia

A side note to this amazing my deep, infatuating love for the host Hailey Gates. As a beautiful, fashionable, brave, compassionate and smart woman, I cant help but love her on a whole other level.

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