Sunday, June 26, 2016

Children's Art Camp

This summer I am co-teaching an art camp with a long time friend and co-worker, and I am super excited to get creative with the kids and her! The theme of this summer's camp is I decided to use my blog as a way to brain-storm some ideas.

1.) Paper Mache Animal Faces-
Paper Mache is always a fun and affordable art the results can turn out absolutely amazing, like these whimsical little animal faces featured below.

-You can also make animals that stand alone.

2.) Paper Mache Masks-
Along the same lines as the paper mache project above, except these animal faces can be worn!

-I particularly liked these cardboard and paint masks featured below..they look like they came straight out of the book Where The Wild Things Are.

 3.) Flora Crowns-
You can use any kind of foliage and twine to create these sweet little crowns.

4.) Playing With Sticks-
By arranging sticks, shells, feathers, etc. you can create these natural wall hangings...
...Or simply create patterns using bright acrylic paint, turning ordinary sticks into art.

5.) Insect Costumes-
Make this adorable & easy snail costume using left over packing paper...
...or cardboard & paint to create a butterfly!

6.) Hand-Made Potato Stamps-
Using an exacto-blade, cut various shapes into potato slices, dip the slices into paint, then press them onto paper, and viola...hand-made patterned art (also great for making wrapping paper)!

7.) Stick & Yarn Structure.
At this particular art camp, we like to start an ongoing project that the kids can work on together throughout the week...
I'd like to make a teepee, a hut, or any other basic structure by weaving together sticks and small branches with colorful yarn & sting. Below is just a basic idea of what can be made.

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