Thursday, June 1, 2017

My Pet Peeves

Taking a que from Joanna Goddard from A Cup Of Jo blog, I decided to create a list of some of my pet peeves. I've always found it fun to share the little things that grind my gears, while also learning about other make me happy and list some of your own pet peeves in the comments!

The Stink Eye-

Misuse of the word "literally"-

The sound of dogs barking-

Gum chewing of all kinds -

Pee left on the toilet seat (come on!)-
A few of my other pet peeves include:
-Loud car/motorcycle exhaust (I mean, why!?)
- Use of the word pussy, bitch, girl (or anything else femme) as an insult
-Disposable plastic water bottles
- When you ask someone for a lighter and they say "no, I don't smoke"... I didn't ask you that, but congrats?
-People who eat 'Paleo' (carbs are life)

1 comment:

matt slaughter said...

Second the plastic water bottles