Saturday, July 15, 2017

Around The Web #56

This past Thursday 1,000's of Frida Kahlo fans dressed up like the iconic artist in honor of what would have been her 110th birthday. See more here!

"Five Times You Thought You Were Sexually Harassed But Actually Weren't"
A poignant and somehow comical satire that's definitely worth a read.
Written by Kriti Gupta, here.

A beautiful art installation created by Tara Donovan using nothing but 500,000 plastic cups! Sometimes the simplest ideas have the greatest impact.
See & Learn more about the installation here.

A wildlife biologist created this brilliant invention called the FrogLog to help rescue little critters that get stuck in people's pools. I don't know why this little device makes me so happy, but it does.
If you own a pool I suggest purchasing one for 22.99$ here!

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